the procurement profession, things always move quickly. However, in the last year, the speed of change has accelerated. Throughout the evolution of the field, procurement leaders have emerged stronger than ever. Their secret? A passion for knowledge and a commitment to sharing it with their peers.

As procurement professionals take…

As procurement professionals embrace strategic sourcing to find the perfect partners, RFPs become longer and more detailed. Luckily, using an RFP outline can help manage the increasing complexity. Used as a tool for requirements gathering and a framework for RFP creation, the outline ensures the RFP is thorough and complete…

Under direction from executive leaders, procurement teams must find new ways to be more agile and strategic. Naturally, many turn to technology. Indeed, among new digital processes, there’s one that saves procurement teams a tremendous amount of time while also improving outcomes ⁠- the eRFP. …


RFP issuing & sourcing software that centralizes the RFx process — collecting insights, evaluating proposals & working with colleagues and vendors digitally.

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